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Harshal Dewangan

Harshal Dewangan is the founder of Dewa Direction, A digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. He started his career by freelancing but now he helps small and medium business owners in the USA to get more leads, get traffic to their websites and grow their business online. How did he turn his freelancing career into a digital marketing agency? Let’s find out!

About Harshal

Harshal is a 21 years old young entrepreneur from India. Born on the 21st of January 2000 living with her mother and younger brother, he is an entrepreneur with abundant thinking and strong desires to achieve big things in life. He studied computer science & engineering at a local university but with a great mindset to achieve his ultimate goal of life, His father and little sister passed away when he was just a child in 3rd grade which gave him a tough time and a motivation to do something big in his life. He has a girlfriend name, Sushma.

His Journey

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Harshal always wanted to be an entrepreneur but had no idea how he could make that dream come true. When he graduated from college in 2021, he felt that he didn’t want to join a full-time job because it just wouldn’t be worth his time. So, instead of putting all of his effort and passion into something he wasn’t really excited about, Harshal decided to start working as a freelancer while still searching for different ways to help him become an entrepreneur.

Harshal started working as a freelancer on simple technical projects like website development, graphic designing & video editing but sooner he realizes that this is not a long-time business for his career so he started to do learn digital marketing. At that time, he had no proper marketing knowledge and experience. He was struggling at first, but with some efforts and help from free resources online, he learned many aspects of digital marketing. After working as an individual for two years, he realized there is an opportunity to start his own agency so that he can serve more clients at once.

In 2017, Harshal started his own digital marketing agency Dewa Direction in Mumbai City by taking all projects given by new businesses who do not have any idea about digital marketing or don’t have the budget to hire a proper expert team for their business.

Career from Freelance to Entrepreneur

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Harshal Dewangan

Though many job seekers dream of making it big in their careers, few of them have worked towards achieving that goal. Taking one step at a time towards realizing your goals can help you move up on the ladder and achieve success. Let’s find out how exactly an ordinary guy with no initial big dreams and ambitions has helped himself build a name for himself from being just another freelance digital marketer to becoming an entrepreneur by creating, launching, and managing his own marketing agency called Dewa Direction. As our next storyteller, Harshal Dewangan is going to share with us all about his journey. Let’s take a look.

My advice to young entrepreneurs is never to sell yourself short. You have been entrusted with a very special gift-your life. It’s going to take you places and it’s up to you how far and fast you go. Remember that your dreams don’t belong to anybody but yourself, and if no one else believes in them, then it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to turn them into reality. —Harshal Dewangan

Steps He Took To Start His Own Digital Marketing Agency

Harshal Dewangan
Harshal Dewangan

First, he just concentrated on building his freelance career by doing different kinds of works such as Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing. Then later he recognized that SEO and Social Media are both trending nowadays so that’s why people are paying for it. From then to now, it took him about 2 years to create a digital marketing agency Dewa Direction. He got some partners like “Dhanush Khangar” & “Adarsh Soyam” at the beginning of 2018 who was also entrepreneurs & web developers like him and as a result, they made a company named Millionaires Marketing. In April 2020, Millionaires Marketing has crossed Rs.1 million revenue which is more than Rs.2 million for 2021.

His Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Harshal Dewangan
Harshal Dewangan

“My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to read and learn from more experienced people in your field. Join local entrepreneurial organizations, attend meetups, and participate in webinars. We have so much information at our fingertips, it’s important not to fall behind or get lost in the crowd. Stay focused on your goals, dream big, work hard (and smart), and remember that you’re never too young to start taking steps towards making those dreams a reality. You can do it too! “

– Harshal Dewangan

You can contact him at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harshaldewangan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sonu.kite3

Email: [email protected]