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Who do you call a Best Food Blogger in Chandrapur if there is a competition between all of them?

Best food blogger in chandrapur

” Is it just me or does this meal look more scrumptious because I’m on a diet? “

– Neenad Zulkanthiwar

Yes, your answer is right here. Neenad Zulkanthiwar is a passionate Food Blogger and Social Media Marketing Expert mainly on Instagram. He is pursuing his Btech from GH Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. One year ago he started his journey in food blogging with his page Infused Hunger with his partner Shreyash Dhomne and seen exponential growth in the field of gaining followers. His detail-oriented work and entrepreneurship skills help him to grow organically. He has won many awards such as “BEST CAMPUS AMBASSADOR FROM WESTERN INDIA” at IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi. When do you ask someone, who is the best food blogger in Chandrapur? Neenad Zulkanthiwar is your answer. He has covered up almost all the best places to eat in our city and loved by all the foodies for his high-quality photography work that amazes and brings cravings to all the food lovers.

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Why Neenad Zulkanthiwar is the best food blogger in Chandrapur?

To be honest, he is the best food blogger in Chandrapur because his vision is to “Let’s grow together” and he focuses on well being of everyone. His hardworking behavior and passion are the success behind his blogging carrier. In the very first year of Engineering, he secured first place in Road Safety Campaign at IIT DELHI. With his leadership and team management skills he was able to lead the team with his extraordinary perception and skills. He is just a quick guy with some goals and aspirations which will be successfully achieved by him. His field of interest is aeronautics and upcoming futuristic technology. Bunjee jumping and badminton are his favorite sports.

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